Mission Work

Here at St. Timothy's, we are called to serve as part of our discipleship, reaching out with compassion and unconditional love to those in need as the hands and feet of Christ. God has equipped us for every good work, providing for us abundantly in both physical and spiritual needs, so we gladly give back by helping our neighbors. Join us in these missions and become active in your faith.

Current Missions

Please support the Grand Island Family Justice Center Satellite with their Vehicles to End Violence drive-by on September 19th from 10 AM to noon at Trinity. You can drop off donations that will go directly to helping those in unsafe and abusive relationships, talk with the FJC team, and pick up informational materials. 

The ELCA Disaster Response U.S. Wildfire Mission is looking for much-needed donations during this time. They have partnered with other California-based Lutheran organizations to provide for the immediate needs of victims as well as their emotional and spiritual needs, and they continue to work with the people affected long past the time when the media stops covering it. You can donate by clicking here.

Ongoing Missions

Ben Richard, a Grand Island resident and St. Timothy congregant, was in a severe car accident in which he sustained multiple injuries. We are glad to hear he is steadily improving and getting stronger. Please consider supporting him and his family by helping them pay their medical bills. Donations can be made here

Communities everywhere are struggling with the impacts of the coronavirus. Here are a few organizations tackling these crises that could use your help:

  • ELCA Disaster Relief has created a COVID-19 Response Fund to address current conditions. Funds raised are divided among congregations that are disproportionately at risk, congregations that are best positioned to help their communities, and sanitation provisions for people globally. You can donate at elca.org/disaster, where you can choose which of their funds to contribute to, or where you can allow them to use your donation where it is most needed.

  • Lutheran World Relief is asking us to sew cloth masks to protect some of the poorest communities in the world who cannot otherwise protect themselves. You can find more information at lwr.org/masks.

  • Lutheran Charities supports community-based organizations that provide for the hungry, homeless, lonely, and those in need of hope. With multiple fundraising events cancelled due to the pandemic, Lutheran Charities needs your help to continue supporting these critical ministries, which are in even greater demand in these times. You can donate at wnylutherancharities.org.

  • ELCA World Hunger continues to work toward sustainable solutions to alleviate hunger, both in the United States and abroad. With food production and the ability of families to feed themselves both negatively affected by COVID, their work is in even greater demand. Visit https://community.elca.org/elcaworldhunger to donate, mail in a check payable to ELCA World Hunger to Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, P.O. Box 1809 Merrifield, VA 22116-8009, or call 800-638-3522.

The Community of Good Neighbors in Buffalo, in partnership with Resurrection Village, is looking for donations totaling $75,000 to purchase food, medical care, and other necessities for their food pantry ministry, as well as to build their new spiritual ministry. Donations can be given by using the Upstate New York Synod Title.ly form here and choosing the Community of Good Neighbors drop-down where it says "give to." You can also call 716-892-2489 to give or mail in your support to 3 Doat Street, Buffalo, NY 14211. If you'd like to donate supplies or become a volunteer, please contact Pastor Miranda Hammer at 716-393-8884 or pastormirandahammer@gmail.com. To learn more about the Community of Good Neighbors, visit their website at cgnbuffalo.com

St. Timothy's is collaborating with both the Habitat for Humanity Buffalo and Niagara Falls organizations for their Faith Build Coalition, "bringing people together to put faith into action." We participate in building homes, praying for the families who are being helped by this initiative, and donating funds to allow their work to continue. If you're interested in volunteering for Habitat Buffalo either to pray or to build, please add your name to our sign-up sheet or contact volunteer@habitatbuffalo.org.

In our parking lot, you'll find a Hearts for the Homeless donation bin. Hearts for the Homeless is a missions organization that provides meals, clothing, information on services, companionship, and hope for the homeless in Buffalo.


Please note that while they usually accept all textiles, they have a limited capacity during the COVID pandemic and are asking for only gently-used items that can be sold in their thrift shop, including housewares. The shop serves a low-income community in Buffalo and all the proceeds after expenses go to their mobile soup kitchen. Please also continue supporting them in prayer and through monetary support as they continue feeding the needy. Click here to donate.

St. Timothy is also home to two support groups: Love & Loss for those experiencing grief, and Steady Love for those who live with chronic illness. We open our doors to the community and welcome people in need regardless of religion, denomination, or absence of belief. For more information, visit our support groups page here.

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