Our Director: Job Description

In support of St. Timothy Lutheran Church’s mission - to serve God by inspiring faith and passion through connections so that we can nurture and fulfill our community and the world - the Child Care Center Director is responsible for the direction, management, and quality of all services provided by the Child Care Center, including that the Center meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements. The Director at St. Timothy Lutheran Child Care Center cares for children and their families in deep and significant ways, nurtures the child developmentally, achieves kindergarten readiness, and promotes spiritual formation in their classroom environments and through their interactions with children.

Essential functions of the job may include but are not limited to:

  • Leadership: 

    • Have strong servant leadership skills.

    • Encourage, co-ordinate, and move people in a positive manner.

    • Support the St. Timothy's Way within your classroom and throughout the Center.

    • Communicate clearly with others.

  • Program Development: 

    • Ensure that the Center meets or exceeds best practice standards for the child care industry and that the Center's program is developmentally appropriate. 

    • Research new teaching practices and programs that will enhance our educational goals. 

    • Assist teachers with appropriately managing student behavior in the classroom by establishing and enforcing rules and procedures that are appropriate for the age and development of the children in the classroom. 

    • Assist teachers in improving the quality of their classroom environment and interactions with children. 

    • Monitor lesson planning and implementation as needed. 

    • Promote and ensure the achievement of quality improvement goals throughout the Center. 

    • Use developmentally appropriate practices to guide all interactions and educational experiences. 

    • Planning and preparation for graduation of the 4-year-olds.

    • Coordinate and implement all-school activities (ie - field trips).

  • Administration: 

    • Monitor the accuracy of attendance records, meal records, assessment records, and daily health check records in the classroom. 

    • Develop and maintain Parent and Employee Handbooks. 

    • Oversee organization and file management of all forms and paperwork required by the Center of OCFS for students.

  • Management: 

    • Maintain the Center according to the approved policies and procedures.

    • Plan and implement monthly staff meetings and training opportunities. 

    • Communicate necessary information to staff regarding Center news.

    • Create a safe, clean, organized, and professional Center environment. 

    • Function as a mentor to assist both new and existing staff with their skill development. 

    • Oversee the mentoring of new staff members by the Center Coordinator.

    • Plan and administer annual reviews and evaluations throughout the year for staff. 

    • Establish and maintain contracts with relevant agencies, vendors, and contractors. 

    • Oversee all purchasing for the Center. 

    • Oversee all Center orders including but not limited to Scholastic, WB Mason, Walmart, etc.

  • Staffing: 

    • Hire, train, and evaluate personnel to provide optimal staffing patterns. 

    • Review teachers and base advancement on their best practices. 

    • Follow the policies set forth in the Employee Handbook. 

    • Recruit and on-board new staff members. 

    • Ensure appropriate professional attire at all times in accordance with the Employee Handbook.

    • Train the assistant director to fill in in case of emergency.

    • Substitute in classrooms as needed. 

  • Marketing: 

    • Market and promote the child care program for the good of the community.

  • Family relations: 

    • Provide resources and information on the Center Program, on child development principles, and on outside services to families. 

    • Foster positive relationships with the parents of enrolled children. Greet them during pick-up and drop-off times, prepare for parent meetings, and be present for them.

    • Communicate necessary information to parents regarding Center news, including written / electronic correspondence.

    • Actively participate in Center events and family engagement opportunities.

  • Financial management: 

    • Prepare and administer the annual budget for the Center in a fiscally sound manner. 

    • Adhere to Financial procedures defined by Church Policy. 

    • Compile, propose, and follow the financial budget for the Child Care Center. 

    • Complete deposits according to church financial policies. 

    • Meet monthly with the finance committee.

    • Coordinate fundraisers that are profitable for the Center and consistent with the policies of the Center.

    • Secure grants and other alternate funding sources.

  • Standards: 

    • Oversee all aspects of the Child Care Center on a daily basis to maintain compliance with the New York State Office of Children and Family Services, other applicable state and local regulations, and best practices of early childhood education. 

    • Manage all employee roles by regulations set forth by NYS and OCFS.

    • Stay current with, operationalize, and implement applicable laws and regulations

  • Mission: 

    • Teach Bible Stories and work with the Pastor to ensure the faith is shared with the children - particularly that God loves them. 

    • Communicate frequently with the Pastor regarding the why, mission, vision, and goals of the Church for the Child Care Center.

    • Support the teachings of St. Timothy Lutheran Church.

    • Pray daily for the staff and with the staff.

    • Communicate prayer requests from the Center’s parents and staff to the church’s prayer ministry team.

  • Cooperation: 

    • Meet monthly with the church board. 

    • Respect the authority and fulfill any additional requests according to the chain of command policy.

    • Healthy positive communication between all staff members, teachers, administration, and pastor.

    • Coordinate a strategy with the Pastor and congregational leadership for involving the congregation in the Center ministry. 

    • Respect and maintain confidentiality.


Knowledge, Skills, and Ability Required:

  • Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education or related field with 12 credits of early childhood coursework.

  • Have exceptional oral and written communication skills, including conflict resolution, with a variety of people.


Physical requirements:

  • Lifting and carrying children up to 45 pounds.

  • Sit, stand, walk, talk, hear.

  • Operate a computer and tablet device.

  • Operate office equipment.

  • Operate facility maintenance equipment.


It is expected that the director will care for her/himself by creating clear boundaries, working according to the agreed-upon hours, speaking the truth in love, and celebrating their gifts. 

Compensation: Starting at $48, 750 per year.

Job type: Full time, Monday-Friday.

Please email tomglasoe@hotmail.com with your cover letter and resume to apply for the position. Thank you!